Clinton Calls for Deprogramming Trump Supporters

Hillary Clinton has called for the “formal deprogramming” of Donald Trump’s supporters, describing them as “cult members” who follow extremist orders. In an interview with CNN, the former US presidential candidate expressed concern about the influence of Trump on the Republican Party, suggesting that a deprogramming process is needed to free Washington politicians from the grip of what she sees as intimidating extremism. Clinton claimed that many Republicans, even those considered “sane,” are too intimidated by Trump’s supporters to collaborate with Democrats on addressing the country’s challenges.

Clinton Urges Formal Deprogramming of Trump Fans

Highlighting her concern for the influence of Trump’s supporters, Clinton drew parallels with her previous controversial remarks during the 2016 campaign when she referred to a significant portion of Trump supporters as a “basket of deplorables.” She apologized for those comments but seemed to echo similar sentiments in the recent interview, portraying Trump supporters as driven by bigotry and likening them to a cult. Clinton suggested that Trump’s negative style of politics resonates with his supporters, who may harbor prejudices against migrants, gay people, black people, or those who have achieved professional success.

Despite using the “Make America Great Again” slogan herself during Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign, Hillary Clinton criticized its use by Trump, associating it with a desire to return to a time when people felt empowered to say and do as they pleased. She expressed concern about the current state of the Republican Party, stating that an extremist faction now wags the dog of the party.

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According to Clinton, breaking Trump’s influence on Republican voters requires defeating him in the 2024 election. She characterized the loyalty to Trump as cult-like and expressed hope that a Biden victory would break the perceived momentum, allowing Republicans to return to constructive internal debates and the election of responsible and accountable leaders.

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