Biden Blames Media for Approval Dip

Biden Blames Media for Approval Dip

Media’s Impact on Biden’s Approval: Economy Overshadowed?

US President Joe Biden has asserted that the American public is not acknowledging his robust economic performance ahead of the 2024 election due to unfavorable media coverage. During a White House press briefing, Biden highlighted the recent positive US employment report. Still, he suggested that the media’s negative tone has overshadowed the achievements, stating, “You all are not the happiest people in the world, which you report… You get more legs when you report [that] something is negative. I don’t mean you’re picking on me. It’s just the nature of things.”

These remarks coincided with a Real Clear Politics poll indicating a drop in Biden’s approval rating to 40.5%, the lowest since August 2022. Another poll by Economist/YouGov revealed that only 16% of Americans believe the US economy is “getting better,” while 56% perceive it as “getting worse.”

Of particular concern is the perception among voters that Biden’s potential Republican opponent in the 2024 race, former President Donald Trump, is more adept in handling key issues such as the economy, inflation, and border security. According to a Marquette University poll, Trump holds a 23- to 24-point lead over Biden on the economy and inflation and a 19-percentage-point lead in voter confidence in job creation. Biden, however, maintains an information of nine to 15 points on issues like abortion policy and climate change.

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Notably, the Democratic Party is also facing a decline in public confidence in economic matters, as a Gallup poll shows Republicans with a 14-point lead over Democrats in terms of public trust in their ability to ensure the nation’s prosperity, marking the most significant information for the Republican Party since 1991.

Despite Biden’s assurance that the positive economic message resonates with some Americans, critics argue that major media outlets, traditionally accused of favoring Democrats, continue contributing to negative perceptions. Independent journalist Glenn Greenwald noted, “Corporate media’s behavior as we head into 2024 – their willingness to endlessly lie, propagandize and be more overt in their liberal political activism – will shock even the most jaded haters.”

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