Venezuela Issues Arrest Warrant for Exiled Coup Leader Guaido

Venezuela Issues Arrest Warrant for Exiled Coup Leader Guaido

Venezuela has issued an arrest warrant for Juan Guaido, the exiled leader accused of orchestrating a failed coup. Washington’s favored opposition figure now faces charges of treason, usurping state functions, and embezzling state funds. Attorney General Tarek William Saab disclosed that Caracas has requested an Interpol red notice against Guaido. The accusations include mismanagement of public funds, particularly within his “interim government,” overseeing entities such as the formerly state-run Monomeros and Citgo Petroleum. Saab alleges that Guaido’s financial decisions led to a $19 billion loss for Venezuela, with claims that state oil money was used for personal purposes, including legal expenses.

Guaido Faces Charges: Venezuela’s Arrest Warrant Unveiled

According to Saab, a federal appeals court in Delaware supported these allegations earlier this year, revealing that Guaido’s interim government utilized funds from the state oil company to cover its own debts. Currently residing in Miami, Guaido dismissed the warrant as part of a campaign of falsehoods by the dictatorship, asserting that he is facing both physical and moral persecution.

In 2019, Guaido, as president of Venezuela’s opposition-controlled National Assembly, declared President Nicolas Maduro’s reelection fraudulent, declaring himself interim president with the backing of the US and some Western allies. Despite initial support, Guaido’s attempts to spark a popular uprising against the socialist government failed, leading to a loss of political support domestically and credibility internationally. In December, a coalition of Venezuelan opposition parties dissolved Guaido’s “interim government” and established a committee to field new candidates in upcoming elections.

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Although Washington quietly withdrew its support for Guaido’s presidency claim in January, reports suggest that the State Department continues to involve him in policy discussions. Guaido fled to the US in April after Colombia refused to provide him shelter due to a court-imposed travel ban. Last month, he secured a position as a visiting professor and senior leadership fellow at Florida International University’s Adam Smith Center for Economic Freedom, earning $40,000 for conducting study sessions, mentoring students, and participating in public events during the fall semester.

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