Can you get a scholarship for cheerleading?

Can you get a scholarship for cheerleading?

Cheerleading is a sport that requires athleticism, dedication, and teamwork. It is often overlooked as a legitimate sport, but in recent years, cheerleading has gained recognition for its physical demands and competitive nature. As a result, many universities and colleges now offer scholarships for cheerleading. In this article, we will explore the opportunities available for cheerleaders to receive financial aid and the requirements to qualify for these scholarships.

The rise of cheerleading as a sport

Cheerleading has evolved significantly from its early days as a sideline activity to support other sports. Today, it is a highly competitive sport that combines elements of gymnastics, dance, and acrobatics. Cheerleaders perform intricate routines that require strength, flexibility, and coordination.

According to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), there are over 400,000 high school cheerleaders in the United States. This growing popularity has led to an increase in the number of college cheerleading programs and scholarships available.

Types of cheerleading scholarships

There are various types of cheerleading scholarships offered by colleges and universities. These scholarships can be categorized into two main types:

  • Athletic scholarships: These scholarships are awarded to cheerleaders based on their athletic abilities and performance. They are typically offered by colleges with competitive cheerleading programs.
  • Academic scholarships: Some colleges offer scholarships to cheerleaders who excel academically. These scholarships are often based on a combination of academic achievements and cheerleading skills.

Requirements for cheerleading scholarships

While the specific requirements for cheerleading scholarships may vary from one institution to another, there are some common criteria that most colleges consider. These include:

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  • Skills and experience: Colleges typically look for cheerleaders with a strong background in gymnastics, dance, or other related disciplines. They may require applicants to submit videos of their performances or attend tryouts to assess their skills.
  • Academic performance: Many colleges require cheerleaders to maintain a certain GPA to be eligible for scholarships. Good academic performance demonstrates discipline and commitment, which are essential qualities for a cheerleader.
  • Leadership and teamwork: Cheerleading is a team sport that requires collaboration and leadership skills. Colleges often look for applicants who have demonstrated these qualities through their involvement in cheerleading squads or other extracurricular activities.
  • Character and community involvement: Some colleges value applicants who have shown good character and a commitment to community service. Volunteer work and involvement in charitable organizations can strengthen an applicant’s chances of receiving a scholarship.

Examples of cheerleading scholarships

Many colleges and universities across the United States offer scholarships specifically for cheerleaders. Here are a few examples:

  • University of Kentucky: The University of Kentucky is known for its highly competitive cheerleading program. They offer scholarships to both male and female cheerleaders who demonstrate exceptional skills and academic performance.
  • University of Alabama: The University of Alabama offers scholarships to cheerleaders who excel in both academics and cheerleading. They have a strong cheerleading program and have won numerous national championships.
  • University of Oregon: The University of Oregon offers scholarships to cheerleaders based on their skills, academic achievements, and leadership qualities. They have a successful cheerleading program and participate in national competitions.

Benefits of cheerleading scholarships

Receiving a cheerleading scholarship can provide numerous benefits for aspiring cheerleaders:

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  • Financial assistance: Scholarships can significantly reduce the financial burden of attending college. They cover tuition fees, room and board, and other expenses, allowing cheerleaders to focus on their studies and training.
  • Recognition and exposure: Cheerleading scholarships often come with recognition and exposure. Cheerleaders may have the opportunity to perform at college sporting events, national competitions, and even televised events, gaining visibility and potential career opportunities.
  • Opportunity for growth: College cheerleading programs provide a structured environment for cheerleaders to improve their skills and compete at a higher level. They receive professional coaching and have access to state-of-the-art facilities, enhancing their athletic development.
  • Networking and connections: Being part of a college cheerleading program allows cheerleaders to connect with coaches, fellow athletes, and alumni who can provide valuable guidance and support throughout their academic and athletic journey.


Cheerleading scholarships are a great way for talented cheerleaders to pursue their passion while obtaining a college education. With the increasing recognition of cheerleading as a sport, more opportunities for financial aid are becoming available. By showcasing their skills, maintaining good academic performance, and demonstrating leadership qualities, cheerleaders can increase their chances of receiving scholarships. These scholarships not only provide financial assistance but also offer recognition, exposure, and opportunities for growth. Aspiring cheerleaders should explore the various scholarships offered by colleges and universities to make their dreams a reality.

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