What does gale wisp do?

What does gale wisp do?

Gale Wisp is a unique and powerful ability in the popular online multiplayer game, “League of Legends.” This ability is possessed by a champion named Janna, who is known for her control over the wind and her ability to manipulate it to her advantage. In this article, we will explore the intricacies of Gale Wisp, its effects, and how it can be utilized strategically in the game.

Understanding Janna and Her Abilities

Before diving into the specifics of Gale Wisp, it is essential to have a basic understanding of Janna and her other abilities. Janna is a support champion who excels at protecting her allies and disrupting her enemies. Her abilities revolve around manipulating the wind, providing shields, healing, and crowd control.

Aside from Gale Wisp, Janna’s other abilities include:

  • Howling Gale: A powerful tornado that damages and knocks up enemies.
  • Zephyr: A targeted ability that slows down enemies and grants Janna increased movement speed.
  • Eye of the Storm: A shield that can be cast on an ally, granting them bonus attack damage and protection from incoming damage.
  • Monsoon: Janna’s ultimate ability, which creates a healing wind that restores health to nearby allies and knocks back enemies.

The Power of Gale Wisp

Gale Wisp is Janna’s passive ability, meaning it is always active without needing to be activated. This ability grants Janna and her allies bonus movement speed when moving towards a nearby enemy champion or a champion that has been recently damaged by Janna or her allies.

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The movement speed bonus provided by Gale Wisp is significant and can be a game-changer in various situations. It allows Janna and her team to engage or disengage from fights more effectively, chase down fleeing enemies, or reposition themselves strategically during team fights.

Furthermore, Gale Wisp synergizes well with Janna’s other abilities. For example, when combined with Howling Gale, Janna can quickly position herself to unleash a devastating tornado on unsuspecting enemies. The movement speed bonus also enhances Janna’s ability to protect her allies by quickly reaching them with shields or healing from Eye of the Storm or Monsoon.

Strategic Applications of Gale Wisp

Gale Wisp’s movement speed bonus opens up a plethora of strategic possibilities for Janna and her team. Here are some key applications of this ability:

1. Engaging and Disengaging

Gale Wisp allows Janna and her team to engage in fights more effectively by quickly closing the gap between them and the enemy. This can catch opponents off guard and provide a significant advantage in the early stages of a fight. Conversely, when the situation turns unfavorable, Gale Wisp enables Janna and her team to disengage and retreat to safety, minimizing the risk of unnecessary deaths.

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2. Chasing Down Enemies

One of the most satisfying aspects of playing Janna is her ability to chase down fleeing enemies. With Gale Wisp’s movement speed bonus, Janna can quickly catch up to opponents, allowing her and her team to secure kills that would otherwise escape. This can be particularly useful when trying to eliminate high-priority targets or preventing enemies from regrouping after a team fight.

3. Rotations and Map Control

Gale Wisp’s movement speed bonus also plays a crucial role in rotations and map control. Janna can swiftly move between lanes or objectives, providing support wherever it is needed most. This allows her team to maintain pressure on multiple fronts, catch enemies off guard, and secure objectives such as dragon or Baron Nashor.

4. Positioning in Team Fights

During team fights, positioning is crucial for success. Gale Wisp enables Janna and her team to reposition themselves quickly, allowing for better engagement angles or escaping dangerous situations. This can be particularly impactful when combined with Janna’s other abilities, such as Howling Gale or Monsoon, as it allows her to reach the optimal position to unleash devastating crowd control or healing.

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Case Studies and Statistics

To further illustrate the impact of Gale Wisp, let’s examine some case studies and statistics:

Case Study 1: Professional Play

In professional “League of Legends” matches, Janna is a popular pick due to her versatility and ability to protect her team. Gale Wisp’s movement speed bonus has been instrumental in engaging, disengaging, and securing kills. Professional players often utilize Janna’s Gale Wisp to rotate quickly between lanes, providing support and maintaining map control. This strategic use of Gale Wisp has contributed to numerous victories and impressive plays.

Case Study 2: Solo Queue Win Rates

Examining win rates in solo queue, Janna consistently ranks among the top support champions. Gale Wisp’s movement speed bonus plays a significant role in her success. According to statistics from various sources, Janna’s win rate increases when players effectively utilize Gale Wisp to engage, disengage, and chase down enemies. This showcases the importance of understanding and maximizing the potential of this ability.


Gale Wisp is a powerful and versatile ability possessed by Janna in “League of Legends.” Its movement speed bonus provides Janna and her allies with a strategic advantage in engaging, disengaging, chasing down enemies, and positioning during team fights. The ability to quickly rotate between lanes and objectives also enhances Janna’s map control and overall impact on the game. Case studies and statistics further emphasize the importance of effectively utilizing Gale Wisp for success in both professional play and solo queue.

Aspiring Janna players should prioritize mastering the intricacies of Gale Wisp and understanding how it synergizes with Janna’s other abilities. By doing so, they can unlock the full potential of this unique and powerful ability, propelling themselves and their team to victory in the world of “League of Legends.”

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