What clothes to wear with a walking boot?

What clothes to wear with a walking boot

When you find yourself in a situation where you need to wear a walking boot, it can be challenging to figure out what clothes will work best with this bulky and often uncomfortable footwear. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or dealing with a medical condition that requires the use of a walking boot, it’s important to find clothing options that are both comfortable and stylish. In this article, we will explore different clothing choices that can be paired with a walking boot, taking into consideration factors such as comfort, functionality, and fashion.

1. Loose-Fitting Pants

One of the most important considerations when choosing pants to wear with a walking boot is the fit. Tight-fitting pants can be uncomfortable and may cause irritation or pressure points where they come into contact with the boot. Opting for loose-fitting pants, such as wide-leg trousers or relaxed-fit jeans, can provide the necessary room for the walking boot without compromising comfort.

Additionally, choosing pants with an elastic waistband or drawstring can be beneficial, as it allows for easy adjustment and ensures a secure fit around the waist. This is particularly useful if you have swelling or fluctuating levels of discomfort in the affected leg.

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2. Skirts and Dresses

While pants may be the go-to choice for many, skirts and dresses can also be a great option when paired with a walking boot. Opt for knee-length or midi-length skirts and dresses to ensure that the walking boot is adequately covered. This not only provides a more polished and put-together look but also helps protect the boot from dirt and debris.

When choosing skirts or dresses, consider fabrics that are lightweight and breathable, such as cotton or linen. These materials allow for better airflow and can help prevent excessive sweating or discomfort. Additionally, selecting skirts or dresses with an elastic waistband or a loose fit can provide added comfort and flexibility.

3. Layered Tops

When it comes to tops, layering can be a practical and stylish choice when wearing a walking boot. Layering allows you to adjust your clothing to accommodate changes in temperature or to provide additional coverage for the boot.

Start with a comfortable base layer, such as a soft cotton or moisture-wicking fabric, to help regulate body temperature and prevent irritation. Over this, you can add a lightweight cardigan, a button-up shirt, or a loose-fitting sweater. These layers not only add style but also provide extra warmth and coverage for the walking boot.

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4. Socks and Leggings

Choosing the right socks and leggings is crucial for ensuring comfort and preventing any rubbing or irritation caused by the walking boot. Look for socks that are moisture-wicking and have cushioning in the areas that come into contact with the boot. This can help reduce friction and provide additional support.

Compression socks can also be beneficial, as they can help improve blood circulation and reduce swelling in the affected leg. However, it’s important to consult with your healthcare provider before using compression socks, as they may not be suitable for everyone.

When it comes to leggings, opt for seamless or smooth fabrics that won’t cause any discomfort or irritation. Leggings with a high waistband can provide additional support and help keep the walking boot in place.

5. Footwear

While the walking boot itself is a necessary piece of footwear, it’s important to consider the type of shoes or sneakers you wear on the unaffected foot. Choosing a shoe that provides good support and cushioning can help balance the weight distribution and reduce strain on the unaffected leg.

Look for shoes with a wide toe box to accommodate any swelling or discomfort in the affected foot. Avoid shoes with heels or narrow toe boxes, as they can exacerbate any existing issues or cause discomfort.

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6. Accessories

Accessories can play a significant role in enhancing your overall look while wearing a walking boot. Consider adding a stylish scarf, a statement necklace, or a hat to draw attention away from the boot and towards your outfit as a whole.

Additionally, using a colorful or patterned walking boot cover can help personalize and add a touch of style to your walking boot. These covers are often made of stretchy fabric and can be easily slipped over the boot, providing a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.


Wearing a walking boot doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style or comfort. By choosing the right clothing options, such as loose-fitting pants, skirts or dresses, layered tops, appropriate socks and leggings, and supportive footwear, you can create a fashionable and functional outfit that complements your walking boot. Remember to consider factors such as comfort, functionality, and personal style when selecting your clothing. With the right choices, you can confidently navigate your day while recovering or managing your condition.

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